CIS Unveils New Website
Tuesday, April 14 2009

With great excitement, Commercial Interior Services of St. Louis today unveiled its brand new website. The company expects the website will become an icebreaker for business consumers who want to learn more about CIS and an accessible point of contact for on-going clients who plan to keep up with developments at the office furniture and design firm.


"It's been a long time coming," said Linda Ivanoff, President, CIS. "Up to this point, we've generated much of business through handouts and by word-of-mouth. We've stayed in touch with clients through phone calls and emails. This new presence on the World Wide Web lets us shout from the mountaintop that 'We're here and we really are a good company to do business with.'"


While the website will allow CIS to expand how it maintains contact with it current clientele and how it attracts new clients, the company’s management plans not to let the web become a substitute for personal service.


Said Ivanoff, "One-to-one, face-to-face contact is how we've made our way so far and we're not about to abandon that because we have a pretty site on the web. We're still the same responsive and personal company that we've always been. It's just that now, more people will have a chance to know that."